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Xingsheng wire racks are supplied in stainless steel chrome plated or vinyl coated offering a long service life and firm structure. Our quality wire processed metal racks are popularly used as kitchen racks, storage racks and bathroom racks.

Wire Storage Racks

Wire storage rack is used to eliminate the garbage in your home and keep things in order. Unlike other forms of storage, anything of any size can land on a wire storage rack. From old books, magazines, paint, teddy bear, shoes, old clothing, basketballs, and almost anything that needs a place for storage can be kept on a wire storage rack. This simple device can create a whole new room since things are organized in such a way that they can be accessed when needed. Storing things in boxes can keep them away forever which is not an ideal way of organizing things.

Wire storage racks based on an open-frame storage platform that promotes air circulation and prevents dust accumulation, The open storage delivers an economical high-density storage solution.

Wire storage racks are available as mobile storage, mobile wire storage, stationary wire storage, wall-mounted wire storage, and floor track storage.

Shelving options include flat wire shelves, solid stainless steel shelves, wire baskets, slanted shelves, and peg hooks.

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