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About our company

Xingsheng wire racks are supplied in stainless steel chrome plated or vinyl coated offering a long service life and firm structure. Our quality wire processed metal racks are popularly used as kitchen racks, storage racks and bathroom racks.

wire rack system

We offers Modular Wire Shelvings and racking that fits practically any need. logistics system rack.

wire rack system

1. Galvanized finish or powder coated finish.

2. Good for corrosion resistance, fireproof, water proof, damp-proof, and rust-proof.

3. Also, available for storing in freezing chamber and dusty, wet or other special environments.

4. Make for improving storeroom management.

5. Allows the free passage of water, so overhead sprinklers operate more effectively.

6. Recycling and reusable, won't have a disposal fee.

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