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Xingsheng wire racks are supplied in stainless steel chrome plated or vinyl coated offering a long service life and firm structure. Our quality wire processed metal racks are popularly used as kitchen racks, storage racks and bathroom racks.

Wire Rack Decking

Also written as wire mesh decking, wire decking, etc.

Wire rack decking is made of steel channels for safe, durable storage and ease of installation. Wire mesh allows for easy viewing of inventory and works efficiently with overhead sprinkler systems: meets all fire and safety regulations. Selected sizes are also available in heavy duty style, with a fourth steel reinforcing channel providing the additional strength.

Wire decking is for making of pallet rack and makes the most popular selective wire rack parts. Wire deck pallet rack has greater structural strength than other materials, when used to load boxes or other non-palletized load onto racks.


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Wire Rack DeckingWire Rack DeckingWire Rack DeckingWire Rack Decking