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Xingsheng wire racks are supplied in stainless steel chrome plated or vinyl coated offering a long service life and firm structure. Our quality wire processed metal racks are popularly used as kitchen racks, storage racks and bathroom racks.

Chrome Plated Steel Kitchen Rack

Chrome plated steel kitchen racks offer lifelong durability - the strength of steel and a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.

Type one:
NAME: Chrome steel kitchen rack
MATERIAL carbon steel
SIZE 18"*36"
SURFACE chrome plated

Type two:
1.Carbon steel chrome coated
2.Wire dia:2.5*3.5*5.0mm
3.Post dia:25.4*1.2t mm
4.Different sizes

Different sizes:
Regular Height Size: 20"-80"
Regular Width and Length:

14"*14" 18"*18" 21"*21"  
14"*24" 18"*24" 21"*24" 24"*24"
14"*30" 18"*30" 21"*30" 24"*30"
14"*36" 18"*36" 21"*36" 24"*36"
14"*42" 18"*42" 21"*42" 24"*42"
14"*48" 18"*48" 21"*48" 24"*48"
14"*54" 18"*54" 21"*54" 24"*54"
14"*60" 18"*60" 21"*60" 24"*60"
14"*72" 18"*72" 21"*72" 24"*72"

Shelving types for chrome plated kitchen racks:
Light duty shelving:
  Main wire: Φ5.0mm     
  sub wire: Φ3.5mm
  curved wire:2.5mm                                            
  Loading capacity is 120kgs per shelf;
Heavy duty shelving:
  Main wire: Φ6.0mm     
  sub wire: Φ4.5mm
  curved wire:3.0mm

Loading capacity is 250kgs per shelf;


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Chrome Plated Steel Kitchen Rack